Saturday, August 27, 2011

Amazing back bend in Yoga

Pl watch this amazing back bend yoga .

An apt 'subhashita' from Hitopadesha is as under:

बालादपि ग्रहीतव्यं युक्तमुक्तं मनीषिभि: . 
रवेरविषये किं न प्रदीपस्य प्रकाशनं

{wise men should learn even from children ! Lamps can lighten areas inaccessible to sun} 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Learning Samskrit, Narasimha Shetty style

Meet my friend Narasimha Shetty. He is 54 and is a tax consultant in Mangalore. What sets him apart is his pursuit of Samskrit despite all odds.
He is not worried about the income he may lose by attending various samskrit classes on every evening. Though not a brilliant student, he studies at his pace. He finds time to visit the holy shrines spread across India. He has undertaken trips to Amaranath and Kailas - Manasa Sarovar.
He took up correspondence Samskrit MA course from Karnataka State Open University, Mysore (  ) for the year 2010-11. When the exam was approaching his father fell ill only to pass away on the previous night of the exam. The related ceremonies were during the exam days. Yet, he attended all the exams, answered the papers to the best of his ability, whether he slept on the previous night or not. Fortune favours the brave and manged to pass with decent score of 58%.

मनस्वी कार्यार्थी न गणयति दु:खं न च सुखम्
{Person determined to achive his goal is unmindful of the comforts or obstacles}

Friday, August 05, 2011

Here is a video about the growing popularity of samskrit in UK.

However, we have sadly lost direction. It is like:

करभमनुसराम: कामधेनौ स्थितायां 

(for the sake of milk we are after a donkey when a cow is nearby)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dr Vishwasa gets Sahitya Academy Translation Award

Dr. Vishwasa is awarded Sahitya Academy Translation Award 2010 for his book आवरणम् . The award carries a cash prize of Rs.50,000 and an inscribed copper plaque. His book 'Aavaranam'  is a  translation of popular kannada novel 'Avarana' written by Dr S L Byrappa. It was so popular that the book was reprinted a record 15 times in just one year from its publication.  

Friday, February 04, 2011

Renaming the title

Well, I changed the name of the blog from 'Muddu's day' to 'madanalekhaa'. This word I came across in the ever classic  'Abhijnana Shakuntalam' of Kalidasa. My prolonged search for a better sounding name ended there.
मृदंगो मुखलेपेन करोति मधुरध्वनिम 
Musical instrument 'Mrudanga' makes better sound upon polishing a bitWell, let me try to showcase the blog better. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

World Samskrit Book Fair

World Samskrit Book Fair would be held in Bangalore {at National College Grounds, Basavanagudi} from 07-10 January, 2011. Book lovers and knowledge seekers can fully utilise this opportunity to buy good books. The book fair would show the vibrant samskrit world like never before!.  For more details please visit the official website:

Saturday, December 04, 2010

An unusual wish

I spent few days in Gokarna chanting rudra in the monumental project of 'Koti Rudra'. I got opportunities to see stream of devotees, performing various rituals, with specific desires/wishes, obtaining assistance from local priests. The wishes of devotees were ranging from early marriage, good jobs, prosperity in business, cure from illness, success in political/legal ventures etc. But, there was one exception.
An old lady, who was performing a pooja with intense devotion, was however had an unusual wish of seeking early death!.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Monkeys outsmart a samskrit speaking chess player

Diversion is a classical chess strategy. The attacker would divert a key piece defending the enemy territory and pounce elsewhere. Here a FIDE rated chess player gets a taste of the concept of 'diversion' from a small monkey down Karinjeshwara Hills.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Panchatantra (for women) Part -3

In the earlier two posts published in this blog (more than a year ago), we saw the gems of wisdom in the stories of Panchatantra in sanskrit prose and verse. The book in its original form is a reservoir of entertainment and wisdom. However, much of these are usually lost in translation.  
The tone in the first two parts was to please men. Now I want to make amends and buy peace with women readers. In this post,  let us see how women hold complete sway over men. .

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Nice quote

People generally like apt quotations of great and successful people. Few even write them in personal books or quote the same to add weight to their talk. I received the following quote in a sms forwarded by my friend.
"Every one wants change, but no one brings it by themselves" - great lines said by ..Thankappan, a bus conductor!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Mutual praising

I was delighted to receive the following comment for my latest blog. 
The reader said: "I really appreciate your knowledge on shlokas. I like the way you start off with any general topic and end it with a relevant shloka. English translation is also very helpful. Keep blogging, Kudos!"
I am publishing his comments forthwith.{I am afraid he may get second thoughts!}. 
Rarely you find people who read the posts, appreciate the content and write few words of compliments. Who is not pleased with compliments ? If no one praises us, well, we should find a person and compliment each other.
उष्ट्राना च विवाहेषु गीतं गायन्ति गर्दभा:

परस्परं प्रशाम्संति अहो रूपं अहो ध्वनि:  

{Donkeys sing in the weddings of Camels. They admire each other. How beautiful! What a voice!}

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bribe proof garment

I am a regular reader of Taxindiaonline, a portal dedicated to indirect taxes of India. In one of their recent posts, they had published the following news item. I am reproducing the same with a link to the actual post.

Bribe-proof garments - Pocketless trousers to prevent Corruption
TALKING of Nepal, the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) of Nepal has come up with a novel idea to stop corruption in  Kathmandu's Tribhuvan International Airport.  Now all airport officials will be given bribe-proof garment - trousers with no pockets. But pockets are not the only places where corruption can be hidden. It was held that a Keralite keeping gold in his underwear was not actually concealing gold, because as his lungi had no pockets, that was the only place where he could keep the gold safely.
                                                (TIOL -14th July 2010)

अर्थानामर्जने दु:खं अर्जिताना च रक्षणे   | 
आये दु:खं  व्यये दु:खं धिगर्था: कष्ट संश्रया: || 
{There is lot of pain in earning the money. Pain in holding on to the earnings. Difficulty in earning and sadness in spending. Oh contemptuous wealth!} 

Friday, July 16, 2010

Tourney over, finally

The chess tourney is over and I have to drag myself to office from coming Monday. My performance or lack of it is evident in the final placings. I ended up taking the 130th slot in a tourney of 350 players. You may see the final standing in the following link.
I may lose about 20 ratings as well. Chess players generally would worry about the ratings they may lose.
ಅಹೋ ರಾತ್ರಾಣಿ ಗಚ್ಚಂತಿ  ಸರ್ವೇಷಾಂ ಪ್ರಾಣಿನಾಮಿಹ 
ಯುಮ್ಶಿ ಕ್ಷಪಯಂತ್ಯಾಶು ಗ್ರೀಶ್ಮೆ  ಜಲಮಿವಾಮ್ಶವ:
[Just like sunrays suck water from the earth silently in summer, with each passing day, people lose their life span] Hence, there is no point in worrying about even trivial things like FIDE ratings. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No point for winning an argument!

Eight out of 10 rounds are over in the 4th Mangalore FIDE rated chess tourney and I am lagging behind with just 4.5 points. The just concluded 8th round against Mr.Rajat Kumar of Tamil Nadu produced some fire works off the board. He had white pieces and offered draw soon after 22 moves. I declined the offer and said "let us play". He offered the draw again after few moves. I assertively told him "you cannot offer the draw successively". He nodded and the game continued. On the 35th move, I  made a King move and he objected. The transcripts are as follows:
Rajat: "You touched the pawn at a5 sqaure. So you have to move that".
Me   : " I have n't touched any pawn. You are mistaken"
R      : "No  sir. You touched the pawn. I wrote in my score sheet" (He pointed to his score sheet)
M     : "You may write whatever in your score sheet"
R      :" No. You had touched the pawn"
M     : " I have not touched any pawn. If you are not satisfied, call the arbiter"
{Players from adjacent board got curious and other onlookers surrounded us. Assistant arbiter comes and enquires. Rajat claimed that I had touched the pawn but moved the King. I asserted to the contrary. The asst arbiter looked for witnesses and obviously there was no one.The asst arbiter told that the game would continue and he intends to give a warning to me. I firmly told the arbiter that warning is to be given to the person who made a false claim and not to me. The asst arbiter vacates the scene and main arbiter stepped in. He turned down the claim of my opponent and asked the game to continue.}
The game finally ended in draw after 46 moves with repetition of position.
Well, in chess, there is no point for winning an argument.
Did we left the playing table on a bitter note? No way. Much to the surprise of onlookers, we analysed the game for while and discussed the possible alternatives and then walked out of the hall.
Do you need tips as to how to win arguments? Well, the 17th century poet Neelakata Deekshith stated thus:
 न भेतव्यं न बोद्धव्यं न श्राव्य   वादिनो वचा : | 
झटिति प्रतिवक्ताव्य सभासु विजिगीशुभि:      ||
[The one who desirous of winning arguments need not fear. Need not understand nor hear what the other person says. Retort quickly. That's sufficient.]
Well, the poet has given few more very useful tips, which I will reveal at appropriate time. (after all, I am a chess player!)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Joy short lived

The joy of drawing an IM (pl see the previous post) was short lived as I was pitted against the top seed Grand Master R R Laxman (elo rating 2503) in the 3rd round. Though, the GM won against me, I derived some satisfaction in opening the game with a Gambit (just to convince myself that I am not over awed by the credentials of my opponent); giving a check and managing equal material for major part of the game. I even offered draw at move 29 which was politely declined by the GM. He put me in a mating net 5 moves later.

Round 3:    Date : 11.07.2010   Time 3:00 pm
Madhusoodana Bhat (1959) Vs GM R R Laxman (2503)
1. e4   e5    2. Nc3  Nf6     3.f4    d5    4. ed5 fe4    5. Bb5+   Bd7     6. Bd7   Nbd7
7. d4  Bb4  8. Bf4   Nd5   9. Qe2+  Qe7   10. Qe7  Ke7  11. Bd2  Bc3  12. bc3  N7b6
13 Nf3  f6 14. Kf2  Kd7  15. Rhe1  Nc4   16. Rb1  b6    17. Kd2   c6   18. Kd3    b5
19. Nh5  Rhe8  20. Nf5  g6   21. Nh4  N5b6   22.Nf3   Na4   23. Bc1   Re1 24. Ne1 Rae8
25. Nf3 a6  26.Rb4  Nab6  27 Rb1  a5  28. Rb4  Kd6   29.Rb1(=) Kd5  30.Rb3  a4
31.Rb4 a3 32.Ng1? Re1! 33. Nd2 Rd1+      0-1